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CBproAds Review : Is CBproAds a really a legit site?

Is CBproAds a scam? Please read CBProAds review here.

CBproAds is a 12 years old internet marketing company!

CBproAds.com registered its domain on 11-Apr-2007, and now it is almost twelve years since then, it serves their customers. If CBproAds.com were a scam site, it would not have survived not even for a year. A scam website is interested only in providing false promises, and once they have collected a good amount of money, they just vanish.

Why there are few negative CBproAds reviews?

Yes, we could see few negative comments that have appeared recently about CBproAds in Google search results. We understand these negative reviews are mostly framed by few of our competitors, as part of their strategy to divert the web traffic to their website by targeting the people those who are searching in Google using any of the following keywords:

Keyword #1 CBProAds review

Keyword #2 CBProads reviews

Somehow, they have managed to get their page in the top positions of Google search page results(SERP) when people search with any of the keywords listed above. Apparently, they write an unbiased CBProAds review on that page and at the end of their report, they ask readers to click on their program link in an indirect way.

We have identified some of the websites, that are purposefully trying to defame CBproAds and divert the potential customers away from CBproAds to their website. We have requested them to refrain from such kind of intentional activities. In all those reviews made by them, you will see their website link have placed as the recommended program, at the end of their review. For example, please have a look at the two images shown below to see how they've placed their website link in the summary section of the CBproAds review page.


CBproAds.com reviews scam


CBproAds reviews scam

Though this kind of weird method works to generate traffic to the site, to some extent, is considered as a blackhat marketing technique and is used only by crooked website owners. Do you think that you will follow their link and join with them? If they're using such gimmick to bring new members to their program, won't they believe in doing some other kind of gimmick to you also, once joined there?

We at CBproAds respect our members and competitors equally and never believe in putting any kind of efforts in damaging our competitors or diverting our competitors's visitors in a dishonest way.

Let's have a look at a few positive CBproAds.com reviews

Please feel free to review the CBProAds from good sources and we are sure you will be convinced. You will see hundreds of positive reviews about CBProAds.com on Google. Probably, you might not have seen all of them because those reviews are done primarily for the purpose of reviewing, and not made/optimized meant to come on top of Google page results. For your convenience we have placed a few biased CBProAds reviews here.

Moreover, we charge only a small amount of fee for the lifetime usage of CBproAds.com(PRO account) while having a FREE membership option also. And many of our members make multiple times of their PRO account fee in the first month itself. In case if you are jubilant to be a part of CBProAds family and start making money, we are glad to disclose a discount coupon code for you on this page CBProAds PRO Account Discount Coupon Code (30% OFF) (valid for a limited time)

We wish you a grand success with CBproAds.com and hope to see you on board.