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Clickbank WordPress Plugin

The product title and product descriptions we display on your plugins are redefined for leveraged performance. Please click here to see the difference between a normal raw Clickbank ad and a CbproADS redefined ad. .

Wordpress is indeed one of best content management systems that you can use to build an effective website. When you use these services as Wordpress Plugins, you can easily install and host the Clickbank storefronts on your very own server, with a few simple clicks. This is indeed the best option, if you wish to promote your Clickbank storefronts through Search Engine Optimization. Wordpress offers great flexibility, and you can design your storefront as you please, as this WordPress plugin integrates into the system almost seamlessly.

Advantages & disadvantages of Clickbank WordPress Plugin over Clickbank Affiliate Storefront option

No. Clickbank Storefront as a WordPress Plugin. Clickbank Storefront as Affiliate Storefront

You host & run the storefront completely on your server.

You own a storefront but virtually. The site is owned by us and shared by many of our affiliate members using their affiliate ID embedding on the url.


You must own a domain name as you host the site with your preferred hosting provider and you have the complete control over source files and your storefront.

You can promote the storefront on your domain name by using domain forwarding option from your domain registar's control panel. This is optional. You can promote through the URL given by us also.


You should have a fair knowledge in WordPress installation and some other technical things to some extent.

This is pre configured. No need of techinical knowledge required. You can directly promote the storefront url which is give by us.


100% SEO friendly.

You have little options when you are really serious about promoting through SEO.


You can add your own logo, content/article, header, Google ads/widgets or other HTML snippets to it. It is highly customizable.

Yes, we also provide customization to some extend but not much as WordPress provides.

Why CBProAds is considered as the best Clickbank WordPress plugin for Clickbank Storefronts compared to other vendor's?
No. CbproAds WordPress Plugin Other Vendors


We are the only plugin provider that offers redefined title & descriptions in plugin storefront.

Others use Clickbank's raw data(XML feed data) which is framed mainly only for Clickbank'a affiliates. It is not informative to potential buyers.


Clickbank.com often changes Clickbank marketplace data XML feed structure. With our plugin, your storefront is never distutrbed. Our Plugin pulls the data from our centralized XML feed rather than from clickbank's raw XML feed. We make sure that when ever a change is made by Clickbank, our centralized XML feed is too updated according to that structure.

Other vendors simply imports XML feed to your server and you are accessing the data from your server only. You have to wait for that vendor's plugin update; whenever Clickbank XML feed structure is changed.


After the installation, you don't have to update your marketplace feed data every day with Clickbank's data. As you share our centralized XML data feed, we only need to update with Clickbank's data feed everyday and it will get reflected on your plugins automatically. In short, there is no further maintenance needed with our plugin.

In other plugins, you are required to update your data with clickbank's data feed often daily/weekly. Yes, you have to do the maintenance by your self.


We are the only site that provides product image cover of each product in the storefront

It is not available.


We are the only site that provides price of each product in the storefront.

It is not available.


We are the only site that provides pre-built WordPress themes along with each niche storefront.

It is not available.


NO brainstorming settings. It is easy to install and hardly take few seconds to set up.

Some vendor's settings are really difficult to follow.


Integrates with any WordPress theme easily and matches with its color settings.

It depends upon vendors

1STEP 1 - Installing the WordPress


It is very important that you need to have your own web host to install WordPress. This where you're going to upload the files you will be downloading so that it can be made viewable to the internet.

If you don't have web hosting yet, we suggest Hostgator as it is still the best webhost that accommodates this type of blog packages and allows unlimited WordPress installation as well. Besides, it is one of the cheapest and yet reliable web hosting out there.

Domain Name

You also need to have a domain name ready for it (or can be purchased latter). Domain name refers to the www thing of your new website. Ex. freebags.info, moviesfb.com etc.

For those asking where to buy domain name, we recommend Namecheap ( It is only $3.99/ year)

WordPress Installation

For WordPress beginners, we have set up step by step and fully illustrated tutorials here: WordPress Tutorials

Please refer WordPress official documentation
http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress on how to install WP plugins.
2STEP2 - Choosing the WordPress theme
Please refer WordPress official documentation
on how to install WP plugins.
3STEP3 - Installing our CB Storefront WordPress Plugin
Click chapter-1 to chapter-4 to read their details in respective manners.

Step 1

You can download the plugin from the link below.

Download Now

In case, if you have already installed the previous version of this plugin, you may deactivate it from your WP-admin control panel

Clickbank Wordpress Plugin Step 1-1

and then delete,

Clickbank Wordpress Plugin Step 1-2

and upload this new version of plugin.

After installing this plugin, please go to the settings page of the plugin.

Clickbank Wordpress Plugin Step 1-3

Place your CBproAds account ID here.

Step 2

You may create a new page through your blog/domain's WP admin control panel and add the following shortcodes.


If you have opted for Product Reviews, you may include them using the shortcode shown below


Clickbank Wordpress Plugin Step 3

You have the freedom of adding your own content/store description above these lines of short code.

This is the page you need to link as the entrance page of the store in your menu links, if required.

If you would like to make this page as the home page of your blog,
Go to Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page (for "Front page" select the page been created in step above)

Step 3

Now go to Widgets area of your domain's WP-admin panel.
You may place the CB Search widget to your theme.

You may also consider adding the any/all of the following widgets into your desired sidebar area.

  • 1. CB Categories
  • 2. CB Categories (horizontal)
  • 3. CB Recent Product Reviews
  • 4. CB Review Categories
  • 5. CB TOP/ FEATURED/ POPULAR products
  • 6. CB Popular Categories

Step 4

Now go to the settings area of the plugin for further configurations.

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