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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, you need to be an affiliate with Clickbank.com

Please visit Clickbank.com and sign up for an affiliate account for free.


Clickbank Related

Clickbank is an online payment processor and is the Internet’s largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web’s most popular products are sold every day. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or promote digital products, ClickBank is for you. ClickBank is now used by more than 10,000 Internet businesses and 100,000 affiliates to deliver products, such as ebooks and software, instantly over the Internet.

If some one has a digital product or service to sell, they can register as a publisher at Clickbank. Clickbank publishers can leverage over 100,000 of ClickBank’s affiliates to find customers for their digital products and thereby multiply their profits.

At the same time Clickbank is also used as one of the core resources to generate cash flow for any one, as a Clickbank affiliate. Clickbank affiliates are Internet marketers who earn commissions by promoting Clickbank publisher’s products.

Every Clickbank publisher has to offer a certain percentage of their product value as the commission to affiliates, when they publish a product. ClickBank affiliates can earn commissions as high as 75%. Clickbank offers its affiliates 50-75% commission on almost on their publisher’s products. For each sale, the commission is credited in to affiliate’s Clickbank account INSTANTLY by the Clickbank! Clickbank has a fast & accurate tracking system and a dependable payment service.

Here are some reasons why ClickBank is a good choice as an affiliate network.

  • Free to Join:

    ClickBank is free for affiliates to join and unlike some other affiliate networks; vendors do not have to approve you before you can promote their products.

  • Huge Commissions:

    With Clickbank you can get commissions ranging from 30 to 75% of the sale value of the product.

  • Reliable on-time payments:

    ClickBank seems to be one place most internet gurus have made their fortunes and have built a reputation for themselves as prompt paymasters. Clickbank has the option of Cheque payments and Direct Deposits and pays weekly.

  • Fraud control:

    ClickBank has a good fraud detection and control technology which minimizes fraudulent charges that result in charge-backs and refunds. ClickBank also provides Real time sales stats with ROI and campaign management tools.

Apart from this you can also create and sell your own digital product like ebooks, software or a subscription-based website with ClickBank as a Publisher.

You must first sign up for your FREE Clickbank affiliate account. During the signup process you will select your Clickbank ID. Your Clickbank ID is your unique ID that allows Clickbank to accurately track and award the commissions you earn.


CBproAds Related

Please see an example of CBproADS.com ‘s contextual ad block below. Using our service, you can display ads of Clickbank products on your website/blog, to make money in an easy way!

In this example of contextual ad block, 4 products are displayed, in which each product link is integrated with Clickbank affiliate’s Clickbank ID in the background (On your website, this will be your Clickbank ID). When anyone clicks on any one of the link and makes a purchase, the corresponding commission of that product will credit into Clickbank affiliate’s account Instantly! (On your Clickbank members area, it is displayed after 3 hours the sales). This single click itself will award you a commission ranging from $1 to $100! On average, the commission of a Clickbank product is $40. If you can manage to get 3-30 sales a day, then your commission will be in hundreds of dollars a day! The more sales, the more money. There is no limit on your daily earnings!

How CLickbank Does Work

Just login to your Clickbank.com account to see your earnings. Clickbank sends your affiliate commission on every week!

We are the ONLY site in Internet today offers Redefined Clickbank Ads. Normally, the product title & description of each Clickbank product (as per Clickbank®'s XML datafeed) is mostly non-informative to out side world. We review each clickbank product and frame a better product title & description so as to make it more appealing to end users. Yes, the ads that we display are redefined for leveraged performance. Please Click Here to see the difference between a Clickbank's raw data and a CbproADS redefined ad. We also extract cover images and banners of every products in the process of reviewing.

Please make sure you use your correct storefront URL without any mistake. If you click on any products listed on your storefront, it will take you to the corresponding Clickbank vendor's website where you will find Secure/Order/Pay button some where near to the bottom section of the page. Clicking on it, will navigate to the Clickbank's Secure Order Form where you can see your affiliate ID listed on the extreme bottom of the page in square brackets eg. [YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID].

Effective March 28th, 2023, your affiliate ID will appear encrypted at the bottom line of the ClickBank's order forms enclosed in square brackets [YOUR_ENCRYPETED_AFFILIATE_ID]. To access the decoded information, you can use the DECODE tool, located in your Clickbank.com member area.


Affiliate Storefronts (Main & Niche)

If you don’t have a site or a blog, you can make money through us. You will be given your own fully indexed and completely searchable CB Marketplace Website (StoreFront) by us. This is a very promising website for any one those who want to make money with Clickbank® in a quicker way. We provide you with your own website, we host your site, and we update your CB MarketPlace on a daily basis.

On your CB StoreFront Website containing 13,000+ products, all product links are integrated and cloaked with your own Clickbank ID in the background and all money goes directly right into your Clickbank account INSTANTLY.

Please click here on this Clickbank Storefront link to see a demo of the Clickbank StoreFronts. You will be able to customize this website in your own way, adding other affiliate program ads/ Google Adsense ads on to it. Below shows a comparison chart between CBproAds.com Storefront and other CB Malls.

Niche Marketing - that is the marketing of products/services to a smaller subset of consumers who have specific identified needs - is becoming one of the only ways for small businesses to get noticed on the Internet.

Unlike our regular storefront, ‘Niche Storefronts’ will have only products which belong to that particular niche.

This is a great opportunity to promote products to a TARGETED AUDIENCE, thus resulting in a greater click-to-buy conversion ratio.

Please click on this Clickbank Niches link to see the great Clickbank niche storefronts in action.

Please login to your members area to see your affiliate storefront URLs. These are already configred. You do not need to configure any thing unless you really wanted to change something.

Yes, you can. You can register a domain name and mask it with your storefront url. This is optional. You can very much use the storefront URL which is given by us. Still if you think, the storefront URL seems to be bit lengthy or you want to hide your affiliate ID on it, you can either go for URL masking or use URL shortening free services like http://goo.gl/ or http://tinyurl.com etc....

Please see this article page to on how to Forward or Mask Your Domain Name from GoDaddy's domain control panel. We hope you already know who is Godaddy. It's up to you register a domain name with them or not. You can see hundreds of domain registrars on web today where as each registrar's domain control panel has got their own setting on to control Domain Masking/Forwarding.

Please check this page to know the advantages & disadvantages of each.

Yes, you are right. However, they are not encouraged because of the following reasons:

Other CB related contextual sites/ scripts CBproAds.com

The website owner has to pay about $100 to purchase the script rights.

It is partially FREE!

You have to update your ads with the Clickbank marketplace’s XML data every day using those scripts.

No action is required from your side. We will update Clickbank’s data automatically for you.

In most cases, script vendor can’t help you or won’t help you, if any error occurs on these scripts as post sales support is not an important issue for them.

We provide 100% support any time, all the time.

All scripts are hard coded with the current structure of Clickbank’s data and it won’t be able to handle the changes made by Clickbank to its structure in future.

We make changes to our script whenever a change is made by Clickbank to ensure an uninterrupted service.

The ads are from Clickbank Marketplace’s raw data which are mostly non-informative to the out side world.

The ads that we display are redefined for leveraged performance. (CbproADS redefined ads)

You have to bear the expenses of traffic bandwidth generated by the ads.

We don’t charge extra for bandwidth charges incurred by your site.


Affiliate Program

Getting referrals with CBproAds is a very easy task. You just need to promote the affiliate URL given by us. You will be given 50% commission on your referral's PRO account membership fee!

If you manage to get 30-50 referrals a month, you can earn approximately $1,000 - $1,500 a month extra. Please note that this income is additional to the earnings that you will be making at Clickbank.com for selling products using our tools & services.

The other benefit is that we will embedd your ClickBank affiliate ID on 50% time of your downline member's ad display block (if they are free members). We will compromise on linking our own ClickBank affiliate ID on the member's ad display block whom you have referred (of free members). In this way also, you will earn automatic income without any effort from your downline member's ad displays!


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