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When is body detoxification required? This is a very significant question, especially when you start facing unexplained symptoms of diseases. The only remedy to this is body detoxification. As years go by, toxins and wastes get accumulated in your body. This accumulation results in multiplying of viruses and bacteria that cause all diseases. Every year the diseases that you got leave a small amount of virus in your body. They get multiplied as you consume fatty food, food without much fiber, or fruits and vegetables to flush the toxins out.

What is healing crisis?

When you undergo a body detoxification, you will be able to release more toxins and viruses that had got stored in your body. During the process, you may feel the symptoms such as tiredness, body aches, fever, and running nose also. It is because your body is working in full vigor to push out the toxins. During the body detoxification, you will surely feel some discomfort which is known as the healing crisis. It is an indication that your body is cleaning itself up from all the toxins. If you have more toxins present in your body, the symptoms you feel will also be more. It is only an indication that the treatment that you are undergoing is working well on you.

When your liver is undergoing a detoxification process, you may feel this healing crisis. The liver releases a huge amount of toxins into the blood and the kidneys try to filter these toxins and push them out. At this point of time, you may feel sick with headache, restlessness, and stomach upset. Also fatty deposits get pushed into the colon and during this time, some fatty deposit may get absorbed in the body, thus enabling some toxins to stay back in the body. This may cause symptoms like aches, pains, acne or flu. You need to drink plenty of water to push these toxins out of the colon and kidney. You must also understand that these symptoms are only temporary and will disappear shortly.

Healing crisis can also be felt when you undergo body detoxification by fasting. It is probably the most effective means of body detoxification and during the process it also makes you feel the healing crisis. It may make you feel that you have got the infection again but it is only a sign that your body is finally warding off the toxins from it so that your body is clean.

How to get rid of the symptoms?

You can come over these symptoms by drinking plenty of water and by avoiding eating too much. You should take only light food, full of fiber, fruits, and vegetables. You can also take herbal teas. If you feel very tired, try to take rest that your body needs. You can also undergo meditation, acupuncture or massage to reduce the impact of the discomfort. You can also reduce the amount of detoxification that you are undergoing.

It is very important that you should not assume that any such symptoms are only due to the healing crisis. It could be due to some other health problems also. It is very essential that you need to have a thorough medical check up to confirm things. You need to confirm about starting the therapy such as cleansing or fasting.