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Are you keen on getting your body detoxified because of unexplained symptoms? Yes, it is very essential that your body is relieved of all the toxins and harmful bacteria that accumulate in course of time. There are many methods of body detoxification and some of the well-known means are dietary pattern, herbs, and hydrotherapy. There is yet another means of getting the body detoxification and it is the hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia has nothing to do with diet control and it only takes care of the body temperature to clean the body of toxins. Since time immemorial, sweat baths have been considered as very good solution for body detoxification. Countries such as Japan, Finland, Russia, and Rome have used hyperthermia to sweat out to flush the toxins from the body.

How does hyperthermia work?

Science goes to say that when body temperature is on the higher side, it means the body is trying to heal by itself in the best possible method. Hyperthermia also works on the same theory. By introducing increase in body temperature, you will be able to sweat out the toxins which have got accumulated in your body and created all problems. Heat pushes the toxins out of the pores, improves the immune system, and increases the circulation of the body. Thus it kills all the harmful viruses and bacteria which were present in your body since a long time.

Hyperthermia body detoxification works only through skin. It works along with the other cleansing organs such as liver, colon, heart, and lungs and helps in flushing out the toxins. Your body will be able to convert the toxins into water-soluble ones and when you sweat heavily, they are pushed out of your body.

What are the key advantages of hyperthermia?

  • Your body gets totally relaxed and this you can feel when you take up a sauna treatment. Your muscles are relaxed and so you are relieved of the pain and tension in your body.
  • Your skin gets thoroughly cleaned and if you have had problems of acne and other skin problems, they will start vanishing once the hyperthermia treatment is over.
  • Your heart will begin to work more efficiently, thus increasing the rate of breathing and circulation of blood to various organs of the body.
  • You get total mental relaxation as you are relieved of all your bodily discomforts and mental fatigue. You start feeling fresh and energized.
  • It has been proved that when toxins are removed from the body, you will be able to achieve good weight loss also, which you were finding difficult to get despite heavy exercises and food control.
  • If you have any adverse symptoms, you should not increase the dosage.

How to get hyperthermia done?

You may have to undergo sessions ranging between twenty to thirty minutes in a sauna, with the temperature set at a higher degree. You can also use a hot bath if you are unable to access a sauna. You need to hydrate yourself properly during the hyperthermia therapy by drinking adequate amounts of water once the session is over.

You can undergo Schlenz bath also to get the effect of hyperthermia. You will be fully covered with water. Slowly the temperature of the water flowing will be increased till you are able to tolerate. When you take up this method of hyperthermia for body detoxification, it is advisable to have it supervised by trained staff.