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Are you not curious to know how body detoxification can be achieved by natural means? If you have been told that there are many methods to get the toxins out of your body, it is very true and you would also have been told that one of the best methods is bringing about a total change in the food pattern you follow. You must be taking more fiber-rich food, more water, fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can be taken in any form, and you will enjoy them all the more if you take them in the form of juice.

How is juicing essential for body detoxification?

It has been proved that the juicing of fruits and vegetables hastens up the process of body detoxification and gets more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which benefit the immune system of your body greatly. As the juices are rich in nutrients which when absorbed by the cells of your body, release the toxic acids from the body through lungs, kidney, colon etc. When you take more of these juices, the live enzymes present in the liquid convert the food into nutrients which your body finds easy to digest. The advantages you get out of consuming juices are enormous. They help in eliminating wastes, carry oxygen and various nutrients to different parts of the body and purify the blood.

How to prepare the juice?

As spirulina contains ten times more of beta carotene, even if you don’t take fruits and vegetables everyday you can get the same naturally from spirulina. It enhances the natural cleaning process of the body and as a result you feel more energetic and cheerful. It compensates the shortfalls in your diet and helps in stimulating the metabolism. You will be able to recover quickly after exertion. Your immunity level and resistance increase manifold. You are able to cope up with the pressures of your life easily. The cleansing and fortifying functions of spirulina help you greatly in body detoxification and restoring your health and stability. Our body is always exposed to toxins from our surroundings and you need to be flushing out these toxins continuously. Spirulina accelerates the process of detoxification. It also is found to minimize the toxicity to the kidneys caused by a few heavy metals. Antibody production is highly increased when you take spirulina and you will develop T cells to fight off the diseases.

It is very essential that you use a masticating juicer with slow RPM. A faster juicer destroys the enzymes present in the contents and you will get only less vitamins and minerals. You should take the juice within thirty minutes after preparing. After sometime, the preparation will lose the vitamins and enzymes and so become useless. Do not go for bottled juices as the enzymes would have been destroyed in the course of bottling process.

You can add some common organic vegetables and fruits which are fresh, such as carrot, cilantro, celery, lettuce, beet green, spinach, and cabbage. You can use the root vegetables, greens, and fruits like tomato, grapefruit, and apple. Apart from these, you can also make use of herbs like garlic, spearmint, basil, and fennel for preparing the juice. You should be careful about the water you use. It is better to get the water filtered before you add them to the juice. When you start the body detoxification using juices, you should remember to reduce solid foods and any animal products for getting the full benefits.

Any side effects?

The side effects of using juice for body detoxification vary from person to person. Some of you may feel headaches, dizziness, bad breath or nausea. Occasionally there could be a drop in the blood sugar level. But these will vanish once you stabilize.

One of the most appreciable effects of juicing is loss of weight. Your skin becomes clear and you will feel more energized and fresh. It is easy to digest the juices and your digestive system also gets some relief from the process of breaking heavy food. You get energy instantaneously when you start consuming juices. The enzymes in the juices render the harmful viruses and bacteria present in the body useless and thus save the body from the attack of diseases.