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There are many people who suffer from extreme constipation and as a result they come up with many symptoms of sickness. One of the treatments suggested for solving this problem is colon cleansing. There have been conflicting views on colon cleansing, how often it should be done, and whether it is to be done at all. Scientific studies have pointed out that colon cleansing is not to be done unless it is warranted symptomatically. Undergoing the process frequently will lead to more complications of the intestinal tract. It is essential to know the symptoms that may require colon cleansing procedure.

There are many symptoms that go to show that colon cleansing is required. To cite a few:

  • It is a clear indication that the colon has been affected by accumulation of toxins when the bowel movement lets out foul smell. It shows that the intestine has the presence of gases and toxins which need to be flushed out.
  • Unexplained exhaustion and sluggishness are some more symptoms that indicate the requirement of colon cleansing. You may feel bloated which shows that you have undigested foods and other waste matters in the intestine. The feeling of exhaustion and sluggishness could be due to some other diseases also and it is better colon cleansing is done under the guidance of the physician.
  • Failure to lose weight despite all efforts also may warrant colon cleansing and switching over to healthy diet with more fiber, fruits, and vegetables. If colon is cleaned during the course of the weight loss program, the effect may be quicker and easy.
  • If your diet is a healthy one, colon cleansing can be done two to three times a year. Avoiding processed food and junk food and taking more fiber in your food will take care of the cleanliness of the colon naturally.

How often: : How often Colon cleansing has to be done is decided according to your body requirement. It is based on your health condition and symptoms and if you have got colon cleansing done earlier. If you have never done it before, you may need to do the colon cleansing more frequently at least in the initial years and then you can start doing it once or twice every year. Very frequent and extreme colon cleansing is necessary for patients for whom oral medications or improved dietary pattern does not work. There are also chances of severe complications when colon cleansing is done very frequently and for a very long duration of time. It is not advised for pregnant women or people suffering from heart conditions, colitis, or Crohn’s diseases. If you have symptoms of any of these problems, colon cleansing has to be done under the supervision and advice of your physicians. The physician will decide on how often the process has to be performed based on the severity of the symptoms and condition of the colon.

When you follow good and healthy dietary pattern with lot of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and water, you will not have to undergo colon cleansing. You can keep yourself naturally healthy and become mentally alert without any of the symptoms.

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