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One of the best methods to naturally cleanse your colon is by eating foods that acts as good cleansers. The health of your colon highly depends on what you eat. It is better to use natural colon cleansing methods than artificial methods like colonic hydrotherapy or oral cleansing regimens unless prescribed by your doctor. Natural colon cleansing has been in use for centuries, and we had just started to realize the benefits of it.

When we talk about natural colon cleansing, fiber rich diet is the first thing that comes to our mind. Fiber is currently one of the most common terms in health. Fiber is among the newer discoveries in health and medicine. Today, most of the people are concerned about the fact that, the food items we have daily contain harmful and unnatural substances. These substances, that cannot be completely eliminated by our body, turns into unwanted toxins and chemicals that harm our body parts. In such cases, fiber helps the body in the expulsion of these unwanted elements. This is the reason why we are said to increase the fiber content in our daily diet. Fiber rich products help in weight loss. The fiber that we have, attaches to the toxins and other fatty substances that often remains in the walls of the large intestine, particularly the colon. Along with these fibers, the harmful particles will also be flushed from the body with the other solid wastes eliminated through the rectum.

If fiber cleanses the colon naturally, then the question arises, “whether a colon cleansing is necessary to clean ones colon?”

Without any doubt, you can answer that, cleansing naturally with fiber is far better than artificial colon cleansing. Using colon cleansers are like having dietary supplements. But, fiber actually acts as a natural product to clean ones colon. A person can get all the required nutrients through a healthy food habit and proper intake of nutritious foods. One can remove the unwanted toxins and other harmful substances in the body through the proper intake of fiber-rich diets and having plenty of water. Yet, there are times when the intake of fiber is not enough to completely eliminate the unwanted substances from the colon. These build-up substances which had been already strengthened its hold inside the intestine, cannot be removed completely with the help of fibers. This is where colon cleansers would become necessary. Colon cleansers which acts as dietary supplements, contains herbs and other ingredients to break these build-ups and there by cleanse the colon. The results are evident after a few days of use. After the use of colon cleansers, the stools of the persons contain hard and dark solid particles. These are actually the toxins and unwanted particles that had been accumulated inside the colon. But there may be many side effects for these colon cleansers. So it will be better to include more fiber in your daily diet.

Fiber diet plan:

Eat plenty of fruits and raw vegetables every day. Fruits and vegetables are proven to be natural colon cleansing foods. They can cleanse your colon naturally as they contain dietary fibers. Dietary fiber is naturally composed of soluble and insoluble fibers. Most fruits are sources of soluble fibers. Some fruits like plums contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble and insoluble fibers are found to be a good source to prevent cancer in different ways. It is good to include at least 25 – 35 grams of soluble and insoluble fibers in your diet. Insoluble fibers help to soften the stool and can help in daily bowel movements. Soluble fibers get fermented inside the large intestine to produce short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids stimulate the production of healthy immune cells and thereby prevent cancer. Fatty acids also create acidity inside your colon which is essential to cleanse toxins and prevent polyp formation.

The best way to naturally cleanse your colon is to drink plenty of water and have lots of fruits and veggies. A recent study shows that those who consume the most fiber have better prevention against heart, respiratory and infectious diseases and even different types of cancers. So, have more fiber rich food and stay healthy.

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