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The multitude of medical treatments required to remove the toxins and wastes from the colon is known as colon cleansing. Some of them include herbal products, laxatives, dietary supplements, and dietary fiber. Apart from these, physicians also use colon irrigation to remove the fecal matter from the colon. It needs to be done under the supervision of trained doctors only.

When waste and toxins get accumulated in the colon, it will cause decay, and spread the putrefaction in the blood. It will lead to health complications such as constipation, premature aging, sluggish brain, and neuritis. Not drinking water adequately and consuming fruits and vegetables can also lead to problem in the colon. Weight gain is the additional problem caused by the non-functional colon.

About colon irrigation: There have been many pre-conceived ideas about colon irrigation, also known as colonic hydrotherapy. It induces the bowel activity by stimulating the muscular and nervous mechanisms of the body. It helps to tone the bowel muscles to effectively flush the waste prior to and after the treatment. This treatment is used if you are suffering from different types of bowel problems. Your physician may discuss about the irrigation prior to the treatment. You will not be pressurized to undergo the therapy.

How colon irrigation is done: You will be checked by the physician during your first visit and he will explain the process of colon irrigation. You must get all your doubts about the colonic hydrotherapy cleared from him. After a brief examination, the water is pushed into your colon and the waste gets pushed out. Gentle massages may also be carried out by the physician to facilitate easy flushing of the wastes. Occasionally herbal infusions are also given during the colon irrigation and a pro-biotic implant is given if needed. It takes about thirty to forty five minutes for the colonic hydrotherapy.

Adverse effects: The colon irrigation is performed using clean water only. Since no pressure is given, you will have no danger of any damage to the colon. There are a few circumstances when the colonic hydrotherapy cannot be given. When you have infections, diverticulitis, colitis, or fissure, the colon irrigation is not given. Apart from this, if you have heart diseases, hypertension, or anemia, you will not be suggested colon irrigation. In the early stages of pregnancy also, colonic hydrotherapy is not advised. Rare complications include infection because of unsterile equipments, dehydration, and perforation, apart from electrolyte imbalances. Very frequent use of colon irrigation may also make you dependent on this and inability to defecate on your own without any assistance.

It is important to have a proper functioning colon to have a healthy life style. The inability to empty the bowel may lead to constipation and discomfort. The colon may also get spasms. To avoid health concerns, it is essential that you maintain maximum colon health. Colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation provides a very good chance for the same. You need to avoid consuming junk food, sweets, fatty food, or preserved foods. Colon irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is of great help to many people to come out of their health problems and lead a comfortable and healthy life.

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