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Disadvantages of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing has been in practice since centuries. It was the Egyptians who started the same as they thought that many of the unexplained diseases were caused by the toxins accumulated in the colon when the wastes were not flushed properly. Eating unhealthy diet full of sugar, salt, and other nutrients can be attributed to the problems of the colon.

The main cause of colon problem is the improper diet containing bad fats and salt. You must understand that colon is the worst affected organ because of the unhealthy food habits. Food with less fiber is often the mistake people commit when they choose the diet. As a result harmful bacteria and toxins get accumulated in the colon, which in turn, causes lots of problems and symptoms such as weight gain, headache, bloated feeling, and tiredness.

Inconveniences: When you undergo colon cleansing, you may have to relieve yourself frequently. Colon cleansing is mainly done by using laxatives which results in cramps and discomfort even though the manufacturers claim least discomfort using them. Some of the colon cleansing regimes are quite extreme as the colon is forced to work more. It is often felt that the intestinal wall gets destroyed in the course of the process. Your entire gastrointestinal tract encounters a major change as a result of the procedure. You should check if the equipments used for color irrigation are sterilized properly.

Disadvantages: When you plan for a colon cleansing, you will come across many companies and people who sell colon cleansing products. You must do a complete research on these products and learn about their reliability. You also run the possibility of infection of the colon because of the colonic irrigation. Any toxin present in the water used for irrigation may also result in problems for the colon. If softened water is used for irrigation, possibility of electrolyte imbalance for children is high. The tube used for colon irrigation can also cause discomfort, pain, and cramping. There could be other serious side effects which can result in systemic imbalances to you. Consumption of colon cleansing liquid in higher quantity of fewer amounts can also cause problems.

Who should not undergo colon cleansing: If you suffer from any rectal, anal, or bower diseases, colon cleansing is not advised. Similarly if you have heart disease, renal insufficiency, or kidney disorders, you should not undergo colon cleansing. Physicians will not perform the procedure on you if you suffer from ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, internal hemorrhoids, and tumor of the colon or Crohn’s disease.

It is absolutely essential that you get proper advice from the physician about the colon cleansing. You should be apprised of what will be done and if your body is fit to undergo the process. Most of the physicians nowadays advise only a diet with high fiber content and low fat. You will be advised to consume more of fruits, vegetables, and water to keep the colon healthy. A natural means of maintaining the health of the colon is better than any other procedure, is it not?

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