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Home made natural colon cleansing

Are you keen on undergoing a colon cleansing? You should first understand what it exactly is and how it is done. The entire process is nothing but forcing the wastes and toxins accumulated in your colon and there are various procedures adopted for the same. Colon irrigation, proper diet regime, herbal products, and laxatives are some such methods. You can also get the colon cleansed staying at home using a very safe and natural home-made product. It is known as P & B shake.

About P & B shake:
P & B shake is a preparation made of psyllium powder and bentonite clay, mixed together. The home-made product has been given the name based on the first letters of the two ingredients. It has been proved that psyllium husk is used in the shake because it is soluble and also it is a dietary fiber. The fiber helps in cleaning the colon off all the fecal matters that may be sticking to the walls of the colon since sometime. The other ingredient, Bentonite, is known to be natural clay that has the characteristic of a cleaning agent by getting into the toxins and parasites in the colon and pushing them from the colon. The F & B shake has been proved to be a colon cleansing agent to clean the colon of all the bad bacteria, harmful toxins, and other parasites by flushing out the fecal matter that has got accumulated on the walls of the colon.

Preparation of the shake: : Are you aware that you can prepare the P & B shake by yourself at home? Yes, it does not require much effort to prepare the home-made product and you just need to follow the following steps for the entire preparation:

  • Get about 10 ounce of water or juice that is watery
  • Add liquid Bentonite clay that is liquid and psyllium seed power one teaspoon each to the water
  • Add some more water.
  • You must shake the contents of the jar till all the ingredients get mixed up thoroughly.
  • You can also include a pro-biotic for getting the good bacteria to the colon after the same has been cleansed. This is done because even the good bacteria get washed along with the toxins in the course of the colon cleansing.
  • Now your home-made P & B shake is ready for use and you must consume the entire preparation soon after the preparation is over.
  • Fluid in the lungs.
  • Gastrointestinal perforations due to improper insertion.
  • Amoebic infection from poorly sterilized equipments.
  • Dehydration and salt depletion.
  • Repeated cleansing process may result in anemia and malnutrition.

Tips for using the shake: There are a few tips that need to be followed before and after the home-made P & B shake consumption for colon cleansing.

  • No medications, including multivitamins should be taken before the home-made colon cleansing shake is consumed.
  • Drink lots of water with a little amount of salt, or some fresh fruit juice when you take the colon cleansing shake.
  • Take the home-made shake on empty stomach, before taking any food.
  • You should increase the dosage of the home-made shake every day and you should be able to take about four or five glasses of the shake everyday within a week’s time.
  • Switch to healthy and fibrous food. Avoid any junk food, soft drinks, pasteurized milk, coffee or tea.
  • Now your home-made P & B shake is ready for use and you must consume the entire preparation soon after the preparation is over.
  • Keep your mind calm.

Once the wastes from your body are completely pushed out in the course of colon cleansing, you will feel healthy with more strength and vigor. You will feel very fresh also.

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