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To know more about the herbal products to be used for colon cleansing, it is necessary to get complete knowledge about what colon cleansing is and why it should be done. The process of cleaning the colon started a few centuries ago, when the Egyptians felt the unexplained symptoms of sickness was due to the toxins present in the colon because of the slow functioning of the colon in flushing the wastes. Then subsequent scientific studies also complemented the views saying that the colon cleansing can be done both orally and by colon irrigation.

Causes of colon problems:
Protein rich foods such as pork, chicken, and red meat cause the problems to the colon. The person affected by the colon problems complain of constipation, depression, weight gain, headaches, and bloating.

Methods of colon cleansing: Plenty of oral supplements for cleansing the colon are available in health food stores and pharmacies. Apart from this, colon irrigation is also done by pushing plenty of water into the colon, thereby flushing out the wastes. There are also natural colon cleansing products which are made of herbs. The natural colon cleansing methods works on changing the diet pattern. A healthier diet with high fibers and plenty of liquids will leave the colon clean and free of any infection or toxins.

Herbs for colon cleansing: Some of the herbs that are used for colon cleansing are senna leaves, cascara sagrada aged bark, cayenne pepper, ginger, fennel, cane aloe leaf, and barberry root bark. These herbs help in cleaning, strengthening, and healing the intestinal system. The muscles of the colon are strengthened and the herbs also help in pushing out the waste left behind in the colon. The herbal powders are brewed as tea that can be drunk by people. The laxative components in the herbs help in easy bowel movement and eliminating the toxins from the body.

Advantages of herbs: The advantages of using herbs for colon cleansing are aplenty:

  • Supporting intestinal flora
  • Increasing the flow of bile
  • Removing the parasites
  • Increased function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Improving the bowel movement

Vegetables: Fibrous vegetables such as potatoes, peas, celery, cabbage, and onions can be used in your food regularly for effective colon cleansing. Vegetable soup is a good remedy made at home for the purpose. The toxins and the wastages in the colon are washed off by the fiber present in these vegetables.

Other sources: Yet another treatment for controlling colon problems is the probiotic drink which destroys the damaging bacteria and the other parasites from the colon. Bananas, garlic, and onions are used to make the probiotic drink. Fish is yet another remedy for cleaning the colon. The Omega 3 fatty acid in the fish helps in cleaning the gastrointestinal tract and in good digestion.

Preventing colon problems: Products that are filled with any hormones or hydrolyzed proteins usually cause problem to the colon. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, low fat foods, and cereals with high fiber should be taken. Avoiding dairy products, drinking plenty of water, reducing lot of meat, and including soy milk will also help in avoiding damage to colon. By maintaining the right type of diet and avoiding the junk foods are the best means of keeping the colon healthy. Good physical and mental health can be achieved by maintaining the colon clean.

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