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If you are planning to undergo colon cleansing, it is very essential that you understand what colon cleansing is, why it is done, the pros and cons, apart from the precautions to be taken prior to the procedure. Colon cleansing is basically done to flush out any toxins or unwanted bacteria from settling in the colon and causing unexplained diseases. The cleansing is done when the colon is unable to push out the wastes on its own naturally. Since your general health depends on the effective functioning of the colon, it is essential that the same functions properly and no wastes or toxins get accumulated.

There are many ways of getting the colon cleansed. Some of them are using laxatives, eating high fiber food, avoiding fat and sugary diet, and colon irrigation. While the first options are natural measures to keep the colon clean, colon irrigation is done by a trained physician by pushing more water into the colon, thereby causing the wastes to be flushed out. There are a few precautions that need to be meticulously followed before you opt for the procedure.

  • It is advisable to go for products with herbal ingredients as the chemical contents if any in the colon cleansing products will bring side effects.
  • If you are going for colon irrigation, you must insist on disposable and clean equipments only so that your body will not be infected by any harmful bacteria.
  • Since water is the most natural detoxifying product, it is better to drink plenty of water to keep the colon clean in the most natural way. It will also prevent you from getting dehydrated and maintain immunity.
  • Egg is also suggested as good colon cleanser as it contains minerals and vitamins that control the toxin level of the body.
  • You should avoid pasteurized milk, tea, and coffee, apart from smoking as these products will reduce the immunity of the body and cause problems with the colon.
  • Before you undergo the colon cleansing, you should understand all the pros and cons of the procedure. You must understand about all the side effects that a colon cleanser may bring about.
  • Remember to take the prescribed quantity of the cleanser, even if it is a natural cleanser, as it will be harmful if you take the excessive dosage.
  • Watch for nausea, liver toxicity, and bloody diarrhea when you use the colon cleanser continuously.
  • Get the maximum information about the product that you are planning to use. You can get the details about the cleanser from internet also.
  • Proper diet should be taken when you go in for a colon cleansing program. No junk food or artificial beverages should be taken. You will not find any effect of the cleanser if you do not stick to the proper diet.
  • You can also look for colon cleansers that have pro-biotic bacteria which will help in curing the digestive problems.
  • It is always better you consult a physician before you start using the colon cleansers and take the same under his guidance and as per his suggestions.
  • You also need to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover the colon irrigation procedure.
  • If you are suffering from heart diseases, colitis, or Crohn’s diseases, it is not advisable to take up colon cleansing as it will aggravate the problem.

Remember that colon cleansing cannot be a regular affair and the best means to keep the colon clean is taking the right type of diet, with lot of fiber, low fat, low sugar and salt. Taking plenty of water can also keep the colon clean.

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