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Clickbank Ad Rotator
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  • 2. iPhone Widget Ads
  • 3. Widget Ads
  • 4. Sliding Box Ads
  • 5. Sliding Image Ads
  • 6. Scrolling Ads
  • 7. List Image Ads
  • 8. Block Image Ads
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  • 11. Link Unit Ads
Clickbank Affiliate Storefronts
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Clickbank Storefront WordPress Plugins
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∗ The above specified fee is a one tim fee which includes the license to use on unlimited domains.
∗ All payments are non-recurring. You will never charged again.

Here is chart showing comparison between a free and pro acocunt.

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Features Free Pro

100% time your own Clickbank ID embedded on your Affiliate - Main / Niche StoreFronts

100% time your own Clickbank ID embedded on your Main/Niche Storefront WordPress Plugins

50% 50%
(Your ID : CBproAds ID )

100% time your own Clickbank ID embedded on Contextual ads , Banner ads, Scroll ads, Image ads, Slide show ads and Widget Ads

50% 50%
(Your ID : CBproAds ID )

Automatic enrollment to’s powerful affiliate program

Option to turn off Ads By CBproADS caption appearing on your ads

Unlimited bandwidth

  • Is your price monthly or one-time?
    It is a one-off fee. No hidden charges or contracts. You will not be obliged to make any further payments.

  • Can i get access all your products with this fee?
    Yes, you will get access to all of our products. Also you will not be charged for any future updates/version releases.

  • Can install/use it on multiple sites?
    Yes, as long as you use one Clickbank ID.